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At Macomb Wildlife Solutions we have been providing professional wildlife control solutions for customers of Macomb County, MI for nearly 20 years. In Macomb County, we provide many animal control and nuisance wildlife services. Our pest control services around Shelby Township, Sterling Heights, Romeo, and other Macomb County cities are not like those of exterminators. We do not use any types of poisons, fumigations, bait blacks, or any other harmful chemicals whatsoever. Our animal control programs are to simply remove any rodents, birds, and nuisance wild animals and keep them out. Our services include on-site inspection, removal, control, prevention, and clean-up. Typical calls coming from Macomb County, MI are because a homeowner may hear scratching in the attic, bats flying in the home, birds in an exhaust vent, or attic damage. Our specialty of course is bat removal, bat control, and live attic pest exclusions. All of our repairs on the home to keep wildlife out of the attic are always backed by our five-year guarantee.

Animals Scratching in the Walls and Ceiling?

How to tell what kind of animal is in my attic

  • Scratching and squeaking noises? Bats in the attic.
  • Scurrying, running, digging noises? Mice in the attic.
  • Loud thumping, banging, running, nuts rolling? Squirrels in the attic.

If you are hearing scratching in your ceiling or walls you may think it's a mouse, squirrel, or raccoon. Truth be told most of the time you may have a bat problem. Bats have two sets of claws which they use to scoot underneath your insulation and across your drywall. Bats prefer very warm places, therefore underneath your insulation and walls are great places for bats to roost. Bats in Michigan are dwelling bats so they roost in caves or artificial cave-like places. Your attic is a perfect roosting site for bats to live in.


Humane wildlife removal company from homes and buildings.


Poison free nuisance wildlife removal company. Trapping and prevention.


Professional wildlife control solutions, backed with a five year warranty.

What Macomb Bat Control & Wildlife Solutions Clients are Saying

True professionals committed to world class service and results! Mack was my Pestnician and watching him work made me feel like a sissy.... He literally thinks like a bat climbing, crawling, and?ducking to get to all the entry spots... Extra mile appreciated and job very well done. Looking forward to final results of no further evidence of bats in our home.. my family say THANK YOU TEAM Michigan Wildlife and Bat Control!

They were very knowledgeable and helpful. I called them and they were able to do an inspection the same day!! Which was wonderful because I was a little freeked out!! Their pricing was very reasonable.

Quoted below the other companies I called. Explained everything to me. Very professional and caring!! So thankful I found you guys!!

Bat Removal

We specialize in getting rid of bats from the attic. Our specialty includes bat removal, bat pest control, and bat extermination. All bat removal and control projects in Macomb County, MI are done humanely through a live bat exclusion. No bats are ever harmed during our removal process?

Rodent Control

Rats, mice, or squirrels in the attic. Our rodent control programs are different than most. We are a poison free rodent control company. There is no need to pay a quarterly fee to set poison throughout your home. Our exclusion and prevention methods are proven to be the best technique.

Bird Control

Birds in the attic, birds in the eaves, or birds in an exhaust vent we can help solve your bird problem. We have all the necessary techniques and equipment to solve your bird problem. Once the birds are removed from your attic, home, or vent we clean out the nest and provide the proper cleaning,

Nuisance Wildlife Facts in Michigan

It is true wildlife can be cute, but they are truly a nuisance. Wildlife such as, bats, birds, mice, squirrels, raccoons and others do a lot of damage to your home.

Bats Tested Positive For Rabies
Fires caused by rodents
New and Old Homes Will Face wildlife Problems
DIY Wildlife Exclusions Don't Work
Wildlife Issues Can Be Fixed

Other Wildlife Control Services

Damage Control

Squirrels on the roof, birds in the eaves, or bats flying around the home may require repairs on your home to wildlife proof your home of critters. Wildlife prevention is part of your animal control services. Chimney caps, caulking, vent covers, and screening are all techniques we use to keep out unwanted pest.

Attic Restoration

Bats, rats, birds, mice, squirrels, or raccoon's in the attic can create significant structural damage to your insulation and pose a health issue. Bat and bird droppings contain the histoplasmosis fungi. Rodent droppings contain the hanta virus. Raccoon droppings contain eggs of the roundworm.

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