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Michigan Bat Control and Michigan Wildlife Solutions are full service wildlife management companies locally owned and operated near Macomb County, MI. We specialize in?live bat exclusions?so bats can freely leave their roost with out being harmed. Once the animals are gone we do all of the necessary repairs?so the pest and other wildlife don't return. We do full service?attic clean-ups?and restorations. We also?trap?and relocate?unwanted?nuisance wildlife?from your home or business in Macomb County.? We have successfully completed thousands of bat exclusions all over the state of Michigan. We take pride in customer satisfaction and providing great service. ?There are no projects we can't handle. ?We specialize in commercial?building and have worked with thousands of residential?customers.

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We have many other great technicians and Office Help to assist you today. If you have problems with nuisance wildlife and live in the greater Macomb County, MI area we are here to help. Contact us today and we get you an approximate estimate to solve your nuisance wildlife matter.

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