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Macomb County Nuisance Wildlife Control Services

Inspection camera


The most important part of wildlife is the home inspection. Inspecting the attic, roof, foundations, chimney, and perimeter of the home can help you eliminate your wildlife pest from your home. Finding the entry point is the first step.

raccoons in a trap

Animal Trapping

We provide animal trapping services for animals such as raccoons, skunks, coyotes, opossums, groundhogs, fox, and more. We will humanely trap and relocate any nuisance wild animal.

Aerial Lift For Bird Control


We carry high ladders and aerial lifts to get any size job done. Our expertise in large buildings is what sets apart from our competitions. We can solve your nuisance wildlife problem for birds, bats, rodents and any other wildlife issue.

Residential house


We get rid of bats and other nuisance wildlife from all types of residential homes. Home styles we service are gable, log cabin, flat roof,?colonial, brick, t-111, custom homes, and all other types of residential homes.

bat house

Bat House

We install bat houses on open trees and poles to relocate colonies of bats to control the insect population on your property. Relocation of bat colonies into bat houses does not always work.

Dead Rat

Dead Animal

Unfortunate thing in nature is when wildlife die. Even more unfortunate is when they die in your home. We often get callas in Macomb County, MI about a smell in the wall or ceiling. Even a dead mouse can smell larger than it is..

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