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Mice Extermination

The process of eliminating mice through an extermination process. Most people think to call a mice exterminator, to spray poisons, or lay down poison bat blocks. We at Michigan Wildlife Solutions, LLC are trying to convince the public this is an old technique and inhumane.?

Fixing a mouse hole

House Mouse Prevention

Mice can never be 100% prevented because like all rodents they can chew and gnaw their way into your home. However mice can be controlled and deterred from entering your home or attic. Sealing up the structure of your home will keep open run ways closed to further prevent easy access of the mice.?

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Mice Trapping Service

The method we find the most effective.?Traps are strategically placed either in the home, basement, or attic to capture all unwanted Mice. Some homes may require 20 plus traps in order to get the mice infestation under control. A typical snap trap works fine, but use a mini-rex trap for nearly all out mice trapping services.?

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(Us) Rodent Infestation Problem Solver Steps: Mice, Rats, and Squirrels

  1. Inspection: Inspection of attic, roof, pipelines, electrical lines, and vents.?

  2. Caulking and screening all potential entry points.

  3. Installation of one way doors and traps in the attic.

  4. Removal of one way doors and traps.?

  5. Clean up of droppings in the attic.?

Results:?House is rodent proofed, more efficient, all live and dead rodents are removed. More cost effective over time.?

(Them) Poison in the Attic and Bait Stations: Mice, Rats, and Squirrels?

  1. Charge for inspection of home.

  2. Apply several bags of Poison (additional charge per attic and per bait station)

  3. Dead decaying animals through out your attic, walls, home, and yard.?

  4. Quarterly treatments which will go on on and for the life of the house. (additional charges for each visit)?

Results:?Dead decaying rodents in the attic, walls, house, and yard.?Secondary poisoning?to your cats and dogs. Smells for weeks and even months. Maggots and flies in the house.

Serving Macomb County For Poison Free Mice Control

Hearing mice in the attic? Mice infestation in the house? If you need mice removal services, we provide mice extermination in the following Macomb County, MI cities:?Armada,?Center Line,?Chesterfield,?Clinton Township,?Eastpointe,?Mount Clemons,?New Baltimore,?New Haven, Richmond, Romeo,?Saint Clair Shores,?Shelby Township,?Sterling Heights,?Utica,?Warren,?Washington Township

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