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Bat Problem

  • How do you know if you have a bat problem?

  • Reasons you have a bat problem?

  • What if you have a bat problem in your attic?

Many home owners have bat problems in the attic and in the house. You can identify if you have a bat problem by scratching noises from the attic or a bat in the house. Common reasons for having a bat problem is because there isn't a chimney cap on the chimney, roof return gaps, improper caulking, bad ridge vents, and no screens on gable vents.?Bats in the attic will cause several problems. The main bat problem with bats living in the attic is the mess they leave behind.

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Bat in the House

  • Why is there a bat in your house and how did it get there?

  • What should you do if there is a bat in the house?

  • How to get a bat out of the house?

If you have a bat in your house contact us and we can remove it for you. If anyone in the home is a small child or a hard sleeper you should have it tested for rabies. The reason you have a bat in your house is most likely you have a colony of bats in the attic or have recently had them excluded and they want back in. If there is a bat in the house stay calm. The bat wants out just as bad as you do. Bats are not aggressive and will not attack you. Less than one percent of bats have rabies.

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Bats in the Attic

  • What are the signs you have bats in the attic?

  • How do the bats get into the attic?

  • How do you get rid of bats from the attic?

Signs you know you may have bats in the attic or a bat infestation is typically noises you hear, an ammonia like odor, or a bat in the house.? You may also see bats fly out of your attic or see droppings around the home. Bats get into your attic through construction gaps in the roof or open vents. Bats are always excluded through a live exclusion process. Bat are humanely removed by sealing up the structure and allowing for the bats to get out and not back in. Next we will explain the bat exclusion process.

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Bat Eviction

  • Where do bats enter the home or attic?

  • When to evict bats from your Home?

  • How to evict bats from the attic?

Bats enter the home through loose siding, roof transitions, gable vents, holes in the chimney, ridge vents, siding transitions and any other opening 1/2' or larger.? You should evict bat from your home any months other than June and July. That's maternity season. End of summer is the best time to exclude them and other seasons may take longer depending on the weather. To evict the bats you will need to install a one way valve and seal the entire home to keep them out of other areas.

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Bat Extermination

  • Bat exterminator services poison free.

  • What should consider when exterminating bats?

  • Should you kill bats?

Bat extermination is a term many people may think to use when looking for a bat removal company. ?This term is outdated by many years. We do not use poisons or pesticides like a pest control company. Bats in Michigan are both state and federally protected. Bats are considered endangered. Fines for killing bats in Michigan may result in a fine for up to $5,000. Getting rid of bats is a process and no sprays or repellents can be used to exclude bats.

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Bat Trapping

  • How do you trap bats that are in the attic?

  • How to trap a bat in the house?

  • Is bat trapping a effective way to get rid of bats?

You may consider bat trapping as one method for removal.?It's natural to assume bat trapping is a way for control and removal.?Trapping is only good for trapping other nuisance wildlife such as raccoon's, skunks, coyotes, etc.?We don't use bat traps when getting rid of bats. ?Years ago companies would find your entry point, hook up a 50 lb bat box to the opening and wait for the bats to fly into the box. Once the bats are released they would just come back. Now it is illegal to trap bats.

Live Bat Exclusion- The Only Way to Get Rid of Bats


Bat Inspection

If you know you have a bat problem the first thing you need to do is have the home inspected. During the inspection you can locate all of the entry points and other potentials.?

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Bat Exclusion

Exclusion is the process of sealing all potential entry points on the home and installing one way bat doors over the entry points. All entry point will need bat netting or a one way bat door.?

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Clean-up & Follow up

After a couple of weeks go by it's time to come back to make sure all bats have been excluded from the home. If there is any droppings in the attic this is a good time to clean them up.?

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