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Rodent Control Services- Macomb County, MI

Mice in kill traps

Common Rodent Problems in Macomb

  • Mice Infestation in the attic and Basement

  • Squirrels Chewing into the Attic

  • Rats Living in Your basement

We have experienced several unpleasant customers in our 17 years of doing business. ?Mice, rats, and squirrels top the list of the worst hated rodent pest for a homeowner to have. We are?definitely experienced in the rodent control business and quite frankly it might be by accident. Many bat calls we go on turn out to be?mice in the attic?or a combination of mice and bats. Throughout many wildlife inspections 9 out of 10 homes turn out to have mice. Homeowners or other pest control companies have tried every type of poisons there is on the market to get rid of mice. Poisoning rodents do not help your problem. The noises will stop, but the smell will start. Three months later you end up with the same rodent problem you started with. Through many years of study and common sense we have taken a very different approach to get rid of rodent problems.?

Mouse Control

Mice generally are found in every home at one point or another. Mice nest inside walls, attics, and other dark areas. Mice can fit through an opening 1/4" or larger. There are several areas mice will enter your house and attic. Just like most rodents, mice are good climbers. They will actually run up the side of your house, down spots, and tree limbs to enter your attic. Construction gaps around plumbing pipes,?electrical?lines, and window frames are gateways into your house, basement, and attic. Our best approach to eliminating your mice infestation is by the?aforementioned?steps above.

Rat Standing

Rat Control

Just like mice, rats are nibblers and are looking for food at any chance they can. You will typically find rats in larger cities however we have often found them in basements and attics. The?roof rat?(Black rat) is a little larger than a mouse is. They get the name because they are notorious for living in attics and crawlspaces way up high. They use construction gaps in your roof vents, eaves, and other roof line areas to enter your attic. They use insulation for nesting material. The?Norway rat?(brown rat) is commonly?referred as the sewer rat. These are the rats found in the city, basements, and garages.

Squirrel Control

Squirrels are a common rodent we deal with. Our method of removal and control in years past was to set multiple traps. Then we would capture and relocate them far away. With new technology in the wildlife control industry we are able to take a more economic approach to our squirrel removal and control jobs. We can use multi-catch traps which saves on trips and money. We also have adapted the new?one way squirrel doors?method. We find entry points and allow the squirrel to leave, but not return to it's nesting area. Squirrels are known for nesting in peoples attics and crawl spaces. Squirrel removal is our number one service over the winter months.

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