Wildlife Damages

Attic Restoration, Animal Damage Repairs and Insurance Work

If your attic, house, or property has been damaged by nuisance wildlife your damages may be covered under your home owners insurance policy. Insurance policies do not cover rodent damages, but other wildlife like birds, bats, and raccoon damage to your insulation or roof may be covered. Insurance companies in years past covered more damages than they do today. There are still some good insurance companies out there who will help you get your property damage by nuisance wildlife covered. If you have bat guano in the attic, raccoon's feces in the attic or bird nest material contact your insurance company to see if they will help pay for the damages.

Keys to Contacting your Insurance Company

  • You should have an onsite?home inspection?first to determine the damages, take pictures, and provide an estimate.
  • Make the initial call to your adjuster.
  • If your adjuster hasn't worked with this type of claim or it gets denied, then contact another adjuster or corporate office.
  • Be careful in the wording you use with insurance adjusters (we can help you with this)
  • Pre-existing damages are not covered, only new?occurrences.
  • If you also have a rodent problem, do not mention this it will be taken care of?separately.

We work with several insurance companies through out Macomb County, MI. All of our estimates are done with?xactimate which will match most insurance companies. If you need?attic restoration service?and are trying to get it covered through your homeowners insurance contacts us today for help. We service all of Macomb County, MI and all surrounding areas.